How to Prevent Backlash on a Baitcaster

A male Hand is Casting a Baitcaster

Baitcaster backlash during a cast can be a nightmare. If you want accurate casting, then a baitcasting reel is your best friend compared to a spinning reel. Unfortunately, learning to cast the baitcaster without backlash can be a real challenge when you’re a beginner. But, with the right guidance, set-up, and a few tips, you … Read more

High-Speed vs Low-Speed Reels: Which One to Choose

Icon of a Spinning Fishing Reel Above the Text High-Speed Reels vs Low-Speed Reels

Whether your fishing expedition will be disheartening or successful depends largely on your understanding of the fishing reels and especially the gear ratio. It determines whether a particular reel is a high-speed or a low-speed one. They both have their pros and cons. This blog post will set aside the jargon and explore the differences … Read more

How does a Baitcasting Reel Work

How does a Baitcasting Reel Work

A baitcasting reel is popularly used by those who are interested in precision fishing. The robustness and strength of a baitcasting reel make it stand out and a better choice than a spinning reel or spincasting reel. Baitcasting reels have made it way easier in today’s world to catch a fish. And if you want … Read more

Can You Use a Spinning Reel on a Casting Rod

Can you use a spinning reel on a casting rod

A common dilemma many people find themselves in is deciding whether they really need a casting reel or if they need to try out some new techniques. The most common question on everyone’s mind in these instances is – ‘Can I use a spinning reel on a casting rod?’  In this blog, we are going to answer this question in detail. In … Read more

Understanding Anti-reverse Switch on Spinning Reels

The Anti-reverse Switch is Marked on a Spinning Reel

Among all the spinning reel components, the anti-reverse switch causes the most confusion, hands down. Despite this confusion, it is quite a beneficial tool. Before we move into the details, I know what you must be thinking – what is the purpose of this feature anyway? In short, the anti-reverse switch on spinning reels prevents the … Read more